Dogs & Dog Rescue Centres Near You is exactly that … a directory of all dog rescue centres throughout the UK. Our mission – to encourage people to at least think about rescuing a dog in need rather than buying a puppy. Think about it … why buy a puppy when you can rescue a dog in need of that special home?
Find your local rescue centre, pay a visit and meet their guests.
To find a dog in need of a new home or the dog rescue centres near you just enter your postcode in the search box below or click the Add Listing buttons above to add your dog or rescue centre to our listings … it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

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About Us
We are not a charity, nor are we a profit making organisation - just people who love dogs and want to help the re-homing process. As such, listing your organisation is completely free - no strings attached whatsoever.
What's more, we've even started listing centres we already know about so, if you see your rescue centre already listed, all you have to do is claim your listing and we'll immediately pass the log in details to you to make the listing your own.
If you're looking for a dog you'll be able to see all the centres local to you to make your search easier.