About Us

Who Are We And What Is This Website All About?

Dog Rescue Directory UK

The answer is quite simple – we are dog lovers and owners who always rescue a dog in need of a forever home rather than pay a breeder and we want to help encourage others to do the same by making it easier for them to connect with their local dog rescue centres and, therefore, find the right dog.

There are thousands of dogs in need of such a home at any one time – all shapes and sizes, big and small, young and old … there’s literally a dog for everyone. There are also hundreds of dog rescues in all areas of the country. Some we will already know about as they’re well advertised or part of bigger, national charities like the Dogs Trust or RSPCA. But there are many many more small, independent rescues who do amazing work but perhaps don’t have the time or resources to advertise, they may not have a website and it’s these brilliant people and organisations that we want to help.

That help comes in the form of a completely, 100% free directory listing with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever to enable anyone looking to rehome a dog can find a list of ALL their local rescue centrs in one place and can easily contact each one – big and small. We set the directory up because that was exactly the problem we had when we were looking to re-home … it was very difficult to find all the local rescue centres to us.

Why Rescue A Dog?

The rewards of rescuing are second to none, taking a dog away from confines into a loving home and watching him or her adapt and develop into a trusty friend and loyal companion is just the best feeling in the world. Each year tens of thousands of dogs need to be rehomed for various reasons and through no fault of their own. Dogs who become lost, are abandoned by their owners or have been mistreated. But don’t forget there’s also dogs that are loved but need to be rehomed due to ill health, a change in circumstances or other genuine family reasons.

There’s dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds so there’s really a rescue dog, in need of a second chance, out there for everyone.

Our Dogs

We’ve currently got two rescue dogs: Our black and tan Cocker Spaniel was the product of an illegal puppy farm that was raided by the police. He was rescued by Second Chance Rescue Centre in Derbyshire and went on to be homed by a family before they brought him back to the same rescue centre following a marriage break up and all this before he was even 6 months old! He was exacly what we were ooking for and we were so happy to get the chance to give to give him the forever home he deserved.

This is him at his first visit to the beach when he fell in the sea! We’ve had him over 7 years now and he’s fantastic but still a little wary of strangers – insurprising after what he went through in his early months of life.

Following the passing of our rescued golden retriever due to old age we decided to “downsize” our second dog and adopted the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you have ever seen (well – we think so!). We rescued after her previous owners, due to change in circumstances and no fault of their own, realised that they couldn’t look after her as well as they should.

I know it was a tough decision for them to take but they did exactly the right thing. She is the happiest little dog and a wonderful companion to our cocker spaniel – they are inseparable.

Why This Website?

The reason for setting this website up is because when we were looking around for a dog we found it very difficult to find a list of all our local rescue centres in one place. We thought at the time, “wouldn’t it be great if we could just put in our postcode and obtain a list of all the rescue centres within a reasonable radius to us” and so, here we are a couple of years later, setting up the website to do just that.

We’re not looking to profit (although we may put a few adverts on the site here and there to help cover our costs) and, as such, advertising your own rescue centre is completely free with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever.

You have your own space to write as much or as little as you wish and you’re welcome to add pictures if you wish too. We’ll even add you listing for you if you wish – just email us a link to your website or send your contact details and we’ll create the listing for you and send you the log in details.

We also have the facilities to add events too – so, if you are running a fundraising, awareness or other related event feel free to add it.

As I said, there are absolutely no strings attached whatsoever and no hidden small print – we just want to make it easier for people to find and connect with their local rescue centres and if this results in just one additional dog being rescued then we are happy.

We have plans to grow and expand the services we offer but, one step at a time, let’s get the definitive list of dog rescues throughout the UK first!

Thanks for your visit today – we hope you find this site useful.