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Thanks for being a member of the DogRescueDirectory community. You are now able to list and advertise your dog rescue centre.

Advertising is completely free, you can edit it as often as you wish and you can add as many photos as you want.

If you are a rescue centre without a website feel free to use this website to help – you can advertise your dog rescue centre and list individual dogs as well. You can also update the advert as often as you wish. You can even direct visitors to your listing on this website if they want more information.

Please make sure you give an address – please include a local postcode as we want to make sure you’re found easily.

Thanks – we hope we can help.

PLEASE NOTE: We want to make this process as simple as possible. Sould you have any problems with the form or if you’d like use to create the listing for you just send an email to: . Simply include the name of your rescue centre + website / facebook address. We’ll then get all the details we need, add the listing and let you know when it’s live. Simples!

Adding listings is disabled for this post type.