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Thanks for being a member of the DogRescueDirectory community. You are now able to list and advertise a dog rescue centre, find a new forever home for your dog or advertise for a dog.

Our mission is only to promote dog rescue and to support the rehoming and adoption process. As such advertising is completely free, you can edit it as often as you wish and you can add as many photos as you want. We regret but we are unable to accept adverts from commercial breeders.

If you are a rescue centre without a website feel free to use this website to help – you can advertise your dog rescue centre and list individual dogs as well. You can also update the advert as often as you wish. You can even direct visitors to your listing on this website if they want more information.

Please make sure you give an address – and please include a local postcode as we want to make sure you’re found easily.

Listing and advertising a dog rescue directory is COMPLETELY FREE with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever. You have complete control of your listing and can change, edit, add photos or even delete your listing at any time you wish (or we can do this for you if you prefer). We are a volunteer directory website with a sole objective of helping dogs in need of a forever home for whatever reason (we’re not here to judge – just to help).

PLEASE NOTE: We want to make this process as simple as possible. Should you have any problems with the form or if you’d like use to create the listing for you just send an email to: . Simply include the name of your rescue centre + website / Facebook address. We’ll then get all the details we need, add the listing and let you know when it’s live. Simples!!!!

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  •  Airedale Terrier
  •  Akita
  •  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  •  Alaskan Malamute
  •  American Bulldog
  •  American Bully
  •  American Cocker Spaniel
  •  American Hairless Terrier
  •  Anatolian Shepherd
  •  Australian Cattle Dog
  •  Australian Kelpie
  •  Australian Shepherd
  •  Australian Silky Terrier
  •  Australian Terrier
  •  Basenji
  •  Basset Bleu de Gascogne
  •  Basset Fauve De Bretagne
  •  Basset Griffon Vendeen
  •  Basset Hound
  •  Bavarian Mountain Hound
  •  Beagle
  •  Bearded Collie
  •  Beauceron
  •  Bedlington Terrier
  •  Belgian Shepherd
  •  Bergamasco
  •  Bernese Mountain Dog
  •  Bichon Frise
  •  Biewer Terrier
  •  Bloodhound
  •  Boerboel
  •  Bolognese
  •  Border Collie
  •  Border Terrier
  •  Borderdoodle
  •  Borzoi
  •  Boston Terrier
  •  Bouvier des Flandre
  •  Boxador
  •  Boxer
  •  Bracco Italiano
  •  Braque d'Auvergne
  •  Briard
  •  Brittany Spaniel
  •  Bullmastiff
  •  Cairn Terrier
  •  Canaan Dog
  •  Canadian Eskimo Dog
  •  Cane Corso
  •  Catalan Sheepdog
  •  Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  •  Cavachon
  •  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  •  Cavapoo
  •  Central Asian Shepherd
  •  Cesky Terrier
  •  Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  •  Chihuahua
  •  Chinese Crested Dog
  •  Chipoo
  •  Chorkie
  •  Chow Chow
  •  Chug
  •  Clumber Spaniel
  •  Cock-A-Chon
  •  Cockapoo
  •  Cocker Jack
  •  Cocker Spaniel
  •  Coonhound
  •  Coton de Tulear
  •  Cross breed
  •  Curly Coated Retriever
  •  Dachshund
  •  Dalmatian
  •  Dandie Dinmont Terrier
  •  Deerhound
  •  Dobermann
  •  Dogue de Bordeaux
  •  Dorset Old Tyme Bulldogge
  •  English Bull Terrier
  •  English Bulldog
  •  English Setter
  •  English Springer Spaniel
  •  English Toy Terrier
  •  Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  •  Estrela Mountain Dog
  •  Eurasier
  •  Field Spaniel
  •  Finnish Lapphund
  •  Finnish Spitz
  •  Flat Coated Retriever
  •  Fox Terrier
  •  Foxhound
  •  French Bulldog
  •  German Longhaired Pointer
  •  German Shepherd
  •  German Shorthaired Pointer
  •  German Spitz
  •  German Wirehaired Pointer
  •  Giant Schnauzer
  •  Glen of Imaal Terrier
  •  Goldador
  •  Golden Retriever
  •  Goldendoodle
  •  Gordon Setter
  •  Grand Bleu De Gascogne
  •  Great Dane
  •  Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  •  Greenland Dog
  •  Greyhound
  •  Griffon Bruxellois
  •  Hamiltonstovare
  •  Harrier
  •  Havanese
  •  Hovawart
  •  Hungarian Puli
  •  Hungarian Pumi
  •  Hungarian Vizsla
  •  Huntaway
  •  Huskamute
  •  Huskita
  •  Ibizan Hound
  •  Irish Setter
  •  Irish Terrier
  •  Irish Water Spaniel
  •  Irish Wolfhound
  •  Italian Greyhound
  •  Italian Spinone
  •  Jack Russell
  •  Jack Tzu
  •  Jackachon
  •  Jackapoo
  •  Jackawawa
  •  Jagdterrier
  •  Japanese Akita
  •  Japanese Chin
  •  Japanese Spitze
  •  Jug
  •  Keeshond
  •  Kerry Blue Terrier
  •  King Charles Spaniel
  •  Komondor
  •  Kooikerhondje
  •  Korthals Griffon
  •  Kromfohrlander
  •  Labradinger
  •  Labradoodle
  •  Labrador Retriever
  •  Lakeland Terrier
  •  Lancashire Heeler
  •  Large Munsterlander
  •  Leonberger
  •  Lhasa Apso
  •  Lhasapoo
  •  Lowchen
  •  Lurcher
  •  Malshi
  •  Maltese
  •  Maltipoo
  •  Manchester Terrier
  •  Maremma Sheepdog
  •  Mastiff
  •  Mexican Hairlesse
  •  Miniature Dachshund
  •  Miniature Pinscher
  •  Miniature Poodle
  •  Miniature Schnauzer
  •  Morkie
  •  Neapolitan Mastiff
  •  Newfoundland
  •  Norfolk Terrier
  •  Northern Inuit
  •  Norwegian Elkhound
  •  Norwich Terrier
  •  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  •  Old English Sheepdog
  •  Otterhound
  •  Papillon
  •  Parson Russell Terrier
  •  Patterdale Terrier
  •  Patterjack
  •  Pekingese
  •  Pharaoh Hound
  •  Picardy Spaniel
  •  Pinscher
  •  Plummer Terrier
  •  Pointer
  •  Polish Lowland Sheepdog
  •  Pomchi
  •  Pomeranian
  •  Pomskie
  •  Poochon
  •  Poodle
  •  Portuguese Podengo
  •  Portuguese Sheepdog
  •  Portuguese Water Dog
  •  Presa Canario
  •  Pugalier
  •  Pugapoo
  •  Puggle
  •  Pug
  •  Pugzu
  •  Pyrenean Mastiff
  •  Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  •  Pyrenean Sheepdog
  •  Rhodesian Ridgeback
  •  Romanian Mioritic Shepherd
  •  Rottweiler
  •  Rough Collie
  •  Russian Black Terrier
  •  Russian Toy Terrier
  •  Saarloos Wolfdog
  •  Saint Bernard
  •  Saluki
  •  Samoyed
  •  Schipperke
  •  Schnauzer
  •  Schnoodle
  •  Scottish Terrier
  •  Sealyham Terrier
  •  Shar Pei
  •  Shepadoodle
  •  Shetland Sheepdog
  •  Shiba Inu
  •  Shih Tzu
  •  Shihchon
  •  Shihpoo
  •  Shorkie
  •  Siberian Huskie
  •  Skye Terrier
  •  Sloughi
  •  Smooth Collie
  •  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  •  Spanador
  •  Spanish Mastiff
  •  Spanish Water Dog
  •  Sporting Lucas Terrier
  •  Springador
  •  Sprocker
  •  Sprollie
  •  Sproodle
  •  Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  •  Sussex Spaniel
  •  Swedish Lapphund
  •  Swedish Vallhund
  •  Tamaskan
  •  Tibetan Mastiff
  •  Tibetan Spaniel
  •  Tibetan Terrier
  •  Toy Poodle
  •  Turkish Kangal
  •  Unknown
  •  Utonagan
  •  Weimaraner
  •  Welsh Collie
  •  Welsh Corgi Cardigan
  •  Welsh Corgi Pembroke
  •  Welsh Sheepdog
  •  Welsh Springer Spaniel
  •  Welsh Terrier
  •  West Highland Terrier
  •  Westiepoo
  •  Wheaten Terrier
  •  Whippet
  •  White Swiss Shepherd
  •  Yorkie Russell
  •  Yorkshire Terrier
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Bit by bit we’re building the Dog Rescue Directory into THE definitive directory of UK dog rescues, large and small, national and regional meaning that you can all be found easily by local people who are thinking about rehoming a dog.

It means that even the smallest of dog rescues who may not have kennels but whose dogs are cared for in foster homes can be found equally alongside the big national Dogs Trust type charities. It means that local people will find you and be able to get in touch by whatever method you prefer.

There’s no catch – we’re just dog lovers wanting to help so create your FREE listing and advertise your dog rescue.