Why Advertise Your Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Directory UK – Your Questions

Her we aim to explain a little more about us, what we do and how we work. We’ll try to answer any questions you may have and will add more as they come in. If you don’t find the answers you want then feel free to drop us a line by email to jcs@dogrescuedirectory.co.uk or use the contact form.

We’re dog lovers, and have never bought a puppy but always rescued dogs, we’ve had large dogs (german shepherd and retriever / collie cross, medium dogs (cocker spaniels) and small. We’ve taken on young dogs from 6 months old and older dogs over 6 years. They all come with their own personalities and challenges but the rewards are amazing – watching them develop from nervous, shy or confused animals into totally devoted, confident, trusting and loving companions.

The one thing we found difficult each time we were looking for a dog was finding a list of all the local rescues to where we lived and we couldn’t believe there appears to be no central directory (that we could find anyway) and so we decided to create one (once I’d learnt the basics of webdesign and internet marketing!)

It’s going to take time and effort we know but one step and one listing at a time and we’ll get there and if our efforts result in one additional dog being rescued it’s a job well done.

Why Advertise Your Dog Rescue Centre?

Simple – to advertise your dog rescue is completely and totally free, no catches whatsoever and it can only help you find new homes for your “guests”.

We’re creating the definitive UK directory of dog rescues with a sole purpose of making it easier for anyone thinking about taking on a rescue dog to find a dog rescue near them or the nearest breed specific rescue if they’re looking for a particular dog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a national charity, a large rescue or small. It doesn’t matter if you operate out of kennels or foster homes and it doesn’t matter if you have a website or not … we want to create a listing of every organisation in the UK.

To Advertise Your Dog Rescue Centre

To advertise your dog rescue there are a number of fields we ask for (mainly contact details obviously), so make sure you include any relevant contact methods (phone, email, website, Twitter, Facebook etc) and also make sure you include an address or at least a postcode as this will be what enables the search for your local dog rescue.

You also need to tell us if you are a breed specific dog rescue or general (again, it helps with the search).

Your description can be as long or short as you wish, you can include any content you want, website links and photos – it’s your space. You can even create listings of your dogs if you wish and you can change and edit it whenever you want as you will be given a log in which means you can edit whenever you wish.

Don’t worry if you get any problems – do what you can and put a note to us in the description and we’ll sort it out for you because we’re notified of all new listings and, although they’re published immediately, we always manually check everything is OK.

How Do I Create My Listing?

Just click the following link: Add Listing

There’s also a link on the menu at the top of each page called “Add Listing”. This will take you straight through to the listing form – just fill in the details, add a picture, check and publish.

Can You Create The Listing For Us?

Yes of course we can just drop us your details to jcs@dogrescuedirectory.co.uk or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook account (links at the bottom of this page) and we’ll do the rest and send you a log in if you want to change anything.

My Dog Rescue Centre Is Already Listed?

This might well be the case as we are adding some centres ourselves but the listing is for you to take over if you wish (we would like it if you did). Beside each listing you will see a “Claim This Listing” button (pictured left), simply click this button, fill in your details and you’ll get the log in for the listing and it’s then yours to edit and manage as you wish.

Is It UK Directory Only?

Yes – we’re keeping it relevant by focusing on UK rescues only so, if you run a rescue overseas you cannot list it. However, if your dog rescue brings dogs from other countries for re-homing in the UK you can list.

What’s The Cost To Advertise Your Dog Rescue?

Absolutely nothing at all and there never will be a cost – it’s a completely free support site … for the sake of the dogs.

How Do You Make Money Then?

Sounds mad but we don’t! We may add a few relevant adverts as we go to help towards costs but it’s more of a voluntary job / hobby – we don’t have the facilities set up a rescue centre but we can do this!

What Are Your Development Plans?

We have plenty of plans to develop the site and you’ll see great new features added but … one step at a time … first we need to concentrate on building our listings.

How Can I Help

Please help us spread the word, a tweet, a facebook like or a website link would all be so much appreciated.

I Have A Suggestion

Just fire it across to jcs@dogrescuedirectory.co.uk or use the contact form – any ideas or suggestions are always greatfully received and we will respond to all communication.

Can I Advertise My Related Business

We will happily accept adverts for related business’s – as long as you’re ethical and UK based. Again, just drop us a line by email to jcs@dogrescuedirectory.co.uk or use the contact form. We can accept banner ads, text links or even guest posts (we will be adding this section next). We may ask for a donation / small fee for this depending if you run a commercial operation but it won’t be much.

And Finally

Thanks for your visit, we hope you’ll take advantage of this site and hope it help … even just a little.

Good luck and keep up the great work you are all doing.