Rehome Your Dog

Circumstances and situations change and often we don’t have a clue what round the next corner and sometimes we may find ourselves in a position where we have no choice but to find a new home for a dog.

Perhaps the death of an owner, changes in health or having to moving into a new home which doesn’t permit pets. Maybe a new job that means staying away for lengthy periods of time or re-training by going to university. Then there’s a change in family situation, a divorce or separation where neither party are able to take the dog. All genuine situations that happen everyday and all of which could result in there being no place for the dog anymore.

Of course it could be that you made a mistake in taking on a dog in the first place and you’re not looking after it anywhere near as well as you should. Many will criticise this situation but we’re not here to judge – if you’ve made the decision to rehome for the benefit of the dog , to give it a better life, that’s a good decision to make.

Sometimes this will be an incredibly tough decision and a really emotionally traumatic experience but, if you’re doing it for the dogs sake it’s the right move.

Often, in this situation, people will automatically turn to their nearest dog rescue centre but, before you do, remember that they’re incredibly busy and usually completely reliant on charitable donations to keep going. Their priority is with the abandoned dogs, the dogs that have become lost and the neglected, badly treated animals so, before you turn to them for help, why not try to find a good new home yourself?

That’s where we can help – you can advertise your dog for rehoming on this site and it’s completely and totally FREE to do so. Apart from the advert on this website we’ll tweet it out to our followers and post on our Facebook page too.

All you have to do is fill in the following form and add a photo then sit back and await response:  Click Here >>>

Take your tome though and make sure you do your best to ensure that the new owners are genuine and that they leave you in no doubt that they will take good care of your dog. If you speak to your local rescue centre they may be prepared to do a home visit for you (a donation wouldn’t go amiss though).

It’s a tough, often emotional decision but just ask yourself … will the dog be happier, will the dog be better looked after, am I making the right decision and is there definitely no another way and if the answer is affirmative to all then you are making the right decision.

We wish you every success and hope that your dog finds that special forever home as every dog deserves a second chance.

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